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Chief Judge's Corner  

By Randy Stone

Well good ‘ol 2017 is winding down and it’s time to relax and reflect on a really good year. The NC Region Meets this year were well attended and our new Herb Oakes HPOF Award was well received. That being said, it has also been a year of great loss, and as good friends go we need to hold those left behind even closer.

Don’t forget the NC Region Annual Meeting in Burlington. It’s really a good idea to come and get the annual required judging school under your belt early. Believe me, Friday afternoon in Charlotte is a lousy time to go to a school when you can be walking the parts wonderland at the Speedway instead.

I’ll be spending the winter trying to finish my 1969 Corvette project. There is a lot left to do and my goal is to be driving in the spring……we’ll see.

That’s all for this time….I’ll be seeing you…down the road!


I was wandering the recent Mt. Olive meet and realized why I was drawn to the AACA and judging of these wonderful antique Automobiles. Simple, after years of judging in the marque clubs it was refreshing to be surprised. Let me Explain...I have been a certified judge in a number of car clubs such as the Mustang, Corvette, Thunderbird, Packard, and others. After a full day of looking only at Mustangs, and you know I love them, I would get a little weary... I think that is the right word. In the AACA  you never know what is going to roll in an dI believe that's what keeps you fresh.  

In Mt. Olive, Darrell Passer from Lagrange, NC rolled in with his stunning 1957 Ford, Pulling matching Paint Shasta camping trailer. Wow! After spending too much time a this display (he was looking at me funny) it struck me that this would be a teachable moment for our judges. 

On the picture note the mirrors on the front fenders. In our Guidelines we state in Section 2, Subsection 5, number 9... whew ... that outside rear view mirrors are accepted if they are period correct and no factory options were available. Outside mirrors were standard equipment and I can find no listing for this factory option in 1957, so these would be fine. We would judge the finish and functionality of the mirrors. The trailer hitch looked period correct, but I could find no markings and cannot find one in the factory options listing that I have. This is where we would ask for factory documentation. My personal belief is taht a factory approved trailer hitch was available, but I could not find the documentation. 

We judge the vehicle "as presented" so that means if a Shasta trailer is hooked tot he car it is part of the car. I'm pretty sure taht Ford dis not have a Shasta trailer as a factory option... their loss pretty cool option if you ask me. So we would judge the trailer as part of the trunk.  

Of course, if this beautiful package was presented at one of our Regional or National Meets the Chief judge would speak to the owner before judging and get al of this sorted out out so the owner would have a chance at the award they are seeking. I use this as an example of how to look at the "whole" presentation on field field and make a determination based on AACA judging Guidelines with the help of experience and factory documentation. 

That's all for this time...
I'll be seeing you... down the road!  

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