March - April 2013 update

by Ann Gover

A Great Year


What a year! Three Rivers Car Club and the Eden Cruise are still reeling from all the activities that were lined up throughout 2012. Our annual spring meet which was hosted by Three Rivers Car Club in April at our very own Shiloh Airport, located in Stoneville NC not only were there antique vehicles of all makes and models, there was an antique World War II trainer and an experimental plane which were all a real treat for the on lookers to see. There were Radio Control planes that looked as if they were the size of the full size planes that were on display. The local ASPCA put on a dog show, which was very amusing; our own Sheriff Sam Page of Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department took part in this display of dogs of all breeds and colors.

Memories of days gone by, with all the vehicles and planes it was a day to remember. It was a beautiful spring day with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine. Three Rivers car club, The Eden Cruise and Shiloh Airport are planning another car show for April 2013 called Wings & Wheels. This show will be opened to the public.

The Eden Cruise has been really busy with the cruise date for the second Saturday in the month starting in May and running through October and will continue with this same date for 2013. The Eden Cruise is very involved with our community: there is the Snack Pack Program, the Relay for Life and the Kenny Harter Scholarship Awards. These check donations are written in the month of January to the above recipients and we are so proud to be able to help and make a contribution to these programs. The Eden Cruise gets together with sponsors and makes presentations to each one about hoe The Eden Cruise operates  it takes a lot of work to put The Eden Cruise together and the day of the first cruise is amazing. The show is full of friends, family and new folks to talk to. The vehicles are grand, all types, antiques, hot rods, rat rods, trucks, motorcycles and others that I’m not sure what they are called. They are all beautiful and each has its own story. The colors, from the newest to the oldest vehicle and the proud owners make us happy that we can give a great day of fun and fellowship to our community.

Throughout the summer months there were threats of rain and rain outs but all in all The Eden Cruise was a great success. We as members are very proud to be working together to keep Three Rivers Car Club and The Eden Cruise, united and strong where friends work together in unity and fun. We are looking forward to 2013 with the open show at Shiloh Airport scheduled for April 13th and The Eden Cruise starting up the second Saturday of May and each month through October. Everyone is invited to come out and join in on the fun, bring your family and friends, we will have a grand old time.


Wings & Wheels

Hosted by Three Rivers Car Club of AACA

And Rockingham County Shiloh Airport

Car show & Air Show

There will be seven special awards

Top 100 Car & Truck Trophies to be given away

April 13, 2013

At Rockingham County Shiloh Airport

2691 Settle Bridge Road off of NC 135/311, Stoneville, NC 27048

Contact Paul Gover for more information 336-573-3551